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Co-creating resilient and sustainable communities around the world!

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This is Dr. Valerie Simonsen, founder of You Know More

In the 1980s, I experienced a series of near-death experiences. After the final one in 1989, I awoke from surgery inspired to serve as a bridge between traditional and conventional medicines. As a result, I decided then to expand my practice to include international crisis relief work.

My background as an Emergency Medical Technician and first responder, followed by decades of experience as a naturopathic physician, prepared me with valuable tools to help with the healing process. 

In 2010, while volunteering at the Bumi Sehat clinic in Bali, I was introduced to a woman who had been paralyzed for ten years due to a massive stroke. She was 35 at the time and existed in a crystalline fetal state, unable to walk, talk and even swallow. Within weeks of restorative care at the clinic, she started to recover her abilities, which amazed her family, friends, and even the medical team. As she continued to recover, I realized that the source of her healing was our shared belief that she could heal. Looking back, it is clear that this experience was the conception of You Know More. 

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I witnessed too many of my peers struggling and dying from overwork and burnout. And I saw in myself the same tendency to sacrifice my own self-care. It was clearly the time for You Know More to be born.  

You Know More values the innate wisdom of the body, mind and soul that is our birthright. Through the You Know More program, we offer restorative support for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others. We invite you to join us on this journey. 

Thank you very much for your interest in our mission and vision. 

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Vice President

Jessica Brazil, LCSW

Secretary, Practitioner

Dr. Valerie, serving a woman in Bali that was paralyzed by a stroke, witnessed in a few weeks time, an amazing restoration of the woman’s ability to swallow, talk, & walk.  Another practitioner asked her “how did she achieve such a feat?”

Dr Valerie returned to her internal knowing & honored the woman’s innate wisdom, understanding the client knew on some level that she could restore her own wellbeing.  The client became the “midwife” that escorted Dr. Valerie to birth a new lease in life & the non-profit YOU KNOW MORE!


As the president of YOU KNOW MORE, Dr Valerie is an humanitarian, human rights activist, evolutionary activist, philosopher, and philanthropist with 40 years of medical service with 26 years as a licensed naturopathic physician.

As a global citizen, she has distinguished herself as an international expert in integrative functional wellness, integrative medicine, disaster relief through natural medicine, & ecological medicine to reconcile the care & health of ecosystems, populations, communities, & individuals.


She believes in you and is excited to support you as you return to the nature of your nature and have a personal renaissance. Yes! You Know More!

Valerie Bio

Maria Knauer is a renowned holistic health care practitioner and therapeutic spa expert with over 38 years of experience. She has built a strong reputation working with clients from all corners of the globe, offering a wide range of healing modalities tailored to their unique needs.


With licenses in massage therapy and esthetics, Maria's expertise extends beyond traditional spa treatments. She has received extensive training in various healing practices, including classical homeopathy from the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Maria's knowledge in this field led her to write the acclaimed "ABC's of Homeopathy" article series for Maui Mama Magazine.

Maria's qualifications also include a diploma in Ayurvedic medicine and certification as a Healing Touch practitioner. For a decade, she dedicated her skills at Kaiser Permanent's volunteer Healing Touch clinic on Maui. Additionally, Maria is an accomplished aromatherapist, reflexologist, and Reiki practitioner.


Before relocating to Hawai'i in 2000, Maria owned and operated her own spa in the United Kingdom, where she served more than 35,000 clients. She then joined the Four Seasons Resort Maui Spa, where she worked for  21 years. In 2021, Maria launched Maria Gold Wellness, her own wellness company..


In 2022, Maria underwent Atma Kriya Yoga teacher training and initiation on the enchanting island of Mauritius. She became an initiated devotee under the guidance of her Guru, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, in 2021, and in 2017, she became an Om chanting leader with Bhakti Marga.

Maria's dedication to personal growth led her to complete the Leadership in Health and Well-Being program at Duke University in 2023, through Duke Integrative Medicine. Her commitment to advancing her skills and knowledge allows her to provide cutting-edge wellness solutions to her clients.

In 2023, Maria lead transformational wellness retreats on the picturesque island of Maui, immersing participants in a rejuvenating experience. Looking ahead, she plans to expand her retreats internationally in 2024, sharing her expertise and passion for holistic health on a global scale.


Maria  is currently serving as the Vice President of the nonprofit organization "You Know More." She combines her extensive experience in holistic wellness with a passion for social change to empower individuals and communities with knowledge and resources for personal growth and well-being. Maria's commitment to promoting holistic health and her role as Vice President exemplify her dedication to making a positive impact and transforming lives.


Maria also nurtures her spirit through global travels, visiting sacred temples and sites alongside her clients and Guru, creating memories and enriching her understanding of the world's diverse spiritual traditions.


Beyond her professional achievements, Maria cherishes her role as a mother to her two beautiful children, Zak and Anela. She resides on the slopes of Haleakalā on Maui, where she finds solace and joy surfing in Hawaii’s blissful waves.

Maria Bio

Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery into Aloha Mā, Jessica Brazil, embraces her indigenous & multicultural roots intricately tied to diverse landscapes bringing her home to Maui. Her life journey is deeply interwoven with the resilience of transforming historical traumas into victorious re-discovery and application to the present moment valuing many traditions in their modern application. Jessica's life path has been an honoring of these stories, discovery and repurposing of imprints, finding new ways to connect to ancestry, story telling, the elements, and fostering healing spaces and circles for community growth. 

With humility and devotional passion, Jessica weaves the tapestry of self-care, spiritual connection, and mindfulness into the fabric of people's lives. As a clinical social work practitioner, healer, visionary, and community leader, she founded Mindful Living Group in 2015 and Healer’s Voices Podcast in 2023. The 100 Mindful Days Project, authored by Jessica in 2016, encourages daily practice of being present in the moment in an intentional way, while her work integrates cultural diversity and spirituality into health care breaking down stigma barriers and earning her recognition with the International Outstanding Leadership Award in Healthcare 2023 and Visionary Leadership award in 2024. Jessica has been invited to speak on an International panel about community care, self care, and integrating indigenous and complementary practices in modern healthcare.

Jessica also remains active in community care partnerships through the Ho’oikaika Partnership Legislative Committee Board supporting students and pre-licensed therapists as Field Placement Site, Member of the Governor’s Office of Wellness & Resilience Coordinated Mental Health Disaster Response Team, Rotary Maui Leadership Committee, and former NASW board member. Her passion however remains in more intimate and alive circles of creativity.

Drawing from 25 years of social work expertise spanning from a BSW, MSW, and resolving her own trauma healing journey into a transformation of great fortune, Jessica leads workshops, groups, and ceremonies, collaborates with community leaders and organizations, offers talks, retreats, and steps into moments of opportunity to inspire individuals to embrace healing, change, and growth. While overseeing offices on 2 islands, a statewide Telehealth platform in Hawaii, and managing a team of professionals, she remains committed to her roots while expanding her branches, infusing mindfulness, breathwork, somatic movement, science and spiritual based tools, and culturally rich practices into her lifestyle and work. 

Jessica's influence extends globally, speaking at events by Medtronic Foundation, Mental Health America, NASW, Health 2.0, and consulting for organizations like the Lili’ukalani Trust, Seabury, and local and global businesses. Beyond her clinical roles, Jessica has held roles as a researcher both at Eastern Washington University and a collective working with UH Manoa on Psychedelic Treatments of PTSD, and practicum field placement the past 10 years. Jessica continually expands her expertise with advanced training in Brain Spotting, Clinical Hypnosis, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, TF-CBT, Sound and Somatic Therapies, and more. Having studied with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and Kundalini Research Institute also expanded her toolkit across the lifespan.

Her current focus is on healthcare workers, first responders, and community organizational leadership post disaster utilizing her background in trauma interventions, integrative approaches to health, peer-to-peer models of care, and holistic healing.

In 2023, the Maui Wildfires expanded Jessica into working more closely with community organizations such as Maui Medic Healer’s Hui, Sacred Spaces to Heal, After the Fire, Government Leaders, and deepening her relationships with Hawaiian Kahu’s and Indigenous Medicine Persons lending their wisdom. Recognizing all life as sacred, Jessica's impact extends to healthcare & policy advocacy, where she has lobbied for human rights and policies that enhance human dignity and protection of natural resources. Her journey of self-care is rooted in indigenous, yogic and meditative practices continually unfolding to adapt to life’s events as she joyfully inspires others into recognizing and embracing their roles and strengths and imparting transformative self-care and community care tools for resilience into organizations, systems, families and individuals.

As a visionary, Jessica loves to bridge macro healing and harmonious intentions into materialized form. Jessica has a deep love for surfing, music, and sacred spaces with an expanded connection to ‘awa as a root for heart healing and Hawaiian fern medicines for emotional intelligence. Jessica invites us to stretch the possibilities of time and space through the circular systems, calendars, and remains a curious observer that finds wonder and inclusiveness in all experiences. For what we focus on grows and the unknown is a vast landscape to explore. All in the journey of living live well and living aloha.

Jessica Bio

Prior to retiring in 2020, Craig was a senior director of product management at a large aerospace corporation located in Southern California, using the power of data to enhance commercial airline safety and improve operational efficiency. He has extensive experience in creating innovative products and solutions and bringing them to market and was responsible for the financial performance of projects, programs, and product team building.

One of his favorite projects was leading the development of a simulation of the International Space Station’s power system. Earlier in Craig’s career he was an accountant and financial auditor for a worldwide accounting firm, Coopers & Lybrand.

Craig Bio

Our Team

Tricia has her MA in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies. from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She completed her doctorate coursework and all but her dissertation in her field of research, using myths & stories as a metaphor for healing. She has been a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) since 2012, worked in the field of addiction for more than 17 years, and has studied holistic nutrition and wellness for over 25 years.


Tricia also has a background in corporate sales & non-profit administration but her heart lies in her knowledge of holistic wellness, spiritual philosophies, and soul-coaching. 

Drawing on her research and studies as a depth psychologist, Tricia weaves mindful content and her unique intuitive writing style with your branded content, mission, vision, and voice.

She began her training in social media marketing, website and logo design, and email campaigns more than six years ago when she started her entrepreneurial journey with an online clothing boutique.


Through online and community based learning platforms with experts in the field of social media marketing, Tricia was able to create and develop her own branding, manage her own social media and take this knowledge to support other small businesses in need of the same.

Her coaching style combines practical business strategies with mindful spiritual practices to help you show up as your most powerful and authentic self. 

Tricia is passionate about helping clients reach their goals, whether it’s through social media, written content, digital marketing channels, or consulting and coaching. Her purpose is to help you create meaningful connections that leave a lasting impression. 

Tricia believes we all have the capacity to heal, we are not broken, nor do we need fixing. In her own life she's  felt disconnected, unworthy, not good enough, and held back by limiting beliefs. As she was able to navigate the dark times in her life through the inspiration of others and so is she called to do the same. 

Tricia currently lives in Ventura, CA. She is a self-proclaimed coffee + chai snob, loves cats, crystals, cozy fuzzy anything, and all things sparkly. 

Tricia Bio
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