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Practitioner Testimonials

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In 2011 I was at a crossroads in my life.  Afraid to fail, afraid to succeed. Dr. Valerie served myself & other healthcare providers at   Yayasan Bumi Sehat in Bali with healing tools of YOU KNOW MORE.  Results were I was able to move forward into my most astonishing future.

The amazing thing about workshops with Dr. Valerie is how long they stay with you.  The skills she teaches are ones I've kept forever in my tool bag, internalized, and brought forth in my own work.  Dr. Simonsen's workshops not only taught me skills but helped me more fully inhabit myself so that I could more effectively share those skills with my own clients.  Her radiant warm presence invites you forward to be what you know you can, the most vibrant grounded version of yourself.  My goal in my own work is to help people become more Embodied, Present, Connected, and Alive - and that work has been influenced by my time with Dr. Valerie, learning how to tap directly into the "more" that I know.  She is an inspiration and a beacon whose light has touched so many people and whose spark has ignited so many creative fires in others!  I feel grateful every day for the wise and empowering tools she imparted, tools that have helped me fine-tune my own ability to help others.

Val Test
Maria Test

Maria is a professional and qualified healer , She has had many years to develop her skills and modalities bringing an immense wealth of experience and diversity to every healing session. But what makes her stand out head and shoulders above all others is her dedication to nurturing both the body and the spirit, allowing her clients to feel a rejuvenation and vitality that carries with you for weeks after a treatment.

Paul Gotel - Innerpower Coaching and Author of The Big U

Maria is an excellent therapist who combines a variety of techniques depending on the needs of her clients. I was amazed at how she picked up certain issues in my body without me mentioning them. She is a very kind and caring person with very good energy.

Despina - Athens, Greece

I have been so blessed with Suzie's work. Her ability to zone in and receive guidance from the field is astounding. She is my go to healer as I have watched her create her incredible life for the last few years. Whenever I feel disconnected or as I say go in dormant incubating new events. She is capable of seeing what is about to come in. She helps me view blind spots, which I could have never considered before. Therefore, assisting my body to ease in change with acceptance and choice. Suzie is gifted, connected and her Bio Field work is spectacular. I recommend everyone to Suzie, even personal clients to experience her work.

Reflexology and Biofield Client

Suzie has worked reflexology wonders over the last 6 months on my body: sore, tight muscles due to a hip replacement, following the Thomas Fire with PTSD, ear infection and sinus inflammation, and a general feeling of wellness and joy. The biofield healing is also remarkable as a spiritual and emotional adjustment. I can sense Suzie moving through my body and my auric field. Afterwards, she shares her insights and possible corrective measures. For example, once my abdominal region was inflamed, she sensed I wasn’t absorbing minerals and recommended liquid fulvic mineral complex. The problem was resolved in hours.

Suzie Test

Suzie has a wonderful ability to bring love, light and hope to her clients. Her calm demeanor and exceptional insights helped me work through very difficult moments in my past. I’m always reinvigorated after our sessions.

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