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As we are ever changing and evolving, so do our offerings. We are visioning 2024 and weighing the value of our programs in an effort to align with our community's needs. 

Please join us to explore your inner and outer worlds through personal & professional development events and retreats.

Custom programs are available for private groups. Please contact us for more information:

In a blink of an eye... in a wisp of the wind... life changes. We know this truism was evident on 8/8 in Maui, Hawaii. Within seconds, the aina (the land that which feeds us), the people, the animals, and the dreams of a better tomorrow turned to ash as the fires altered the landscape so familiar to its residents. Today, we give gratitude for being able to serve our community with natural sustainable solutions that offer hope.

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Self-Help Education
Free guidance to relieve stress and prevent burnout

We at You Know More are Here to Stay.

Most of the off-island emergency support systems have left Maui so now it is up to us. Together we create resilient and sustainable communities throughout the island by supporting our frontline workers, healthcare providers, educators, and community leaders through volunteerism, natural solutions, and restorative programs such as our Kaona Healing Hui pop-up clinics and retreats and regular online gatherings. You Know More is Helping the Helpers in Maui because they give steadfastly to the entire island. Please join us!


Solution-Focused Self-care & Empowerment Tools!

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Upcoming Events

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YOU KNOW It’s Time for MORE Support.

In-person retreats in Hawaii

Need more restoration? The in-person retreats we are offering in 2024 in Hawaii,  supporting you to unplug from others and rediscover and nourish your own nature. You will enjoy:


~ Communion with the beauty of nature, where inspiration allows us to rediscover the grace, harmony, and passion that act as our internal compass.

~ Healthy environments, personal support, exploration, play, and rest.

~ Leaning into your personal autonomy, the space where you remember spontaneity, choice, independence, and freedom.

~ Connecting with your innate understanding of your needs through replenishing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. 


Return home with a renewed sense of discovery, hope, and purpose!

Be notified about In-Person Retreat dates:

We'll keep you in the know!

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In-Person Retreats
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