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Please join us to explore your inner and outer worlds through events and retreats.

Custom programs are available for private groups. Please contact us for more information:

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Self-Help Education
Free guidance to relieve stress and prevent burnout

Upcoming Events


Online event: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 6pm HST

Solution Focused Self-care & Empowerment Tools!

Next Event: June 14, 2023 at 6pm HST (Hawaii Time)

Registration: $27

Health Care Providers, Educators, and Community Leaders frequently set aside their own well-being in order to continuously adapt to the needs of their students, schools and broader communities. This can unintentionally lead to a  diminishment of the very vitality that inspired them to serve. Therefore, ensuring that these populations receive the support they need is paramount for the well-being of us all. We will build our resiliency together.  


Restore kNOW More! is hosted by Dr Valerie & treasured guests in this 90-minute online interactive gatherings of like-minded individuals that selflessly serve.  Designed to inspire the prioritization of self-care.


Through this program, we invite you to prevent, reduce and recover and restore by balancing your ABCs: Awareness/Alignment, Breath/Bodify, Contemplate/Connect.

Program Overview

Honoring your ancient innate wisdom you will go on the journey of self-reflection that leads to self-regulation, and thus self-restoration.


Utilizing craftivism, utilizing art to awaken and empower the activist within, you will create an internal environment that is fully resourced and functioning with purpose. Creatively you take these internal resources and express them in your external environments and bring ease and harmony to any life situation.


Understand how the vagus nerve travels through your body.

Create a cellular map of the nerval innervations & integrate into every cell in your body. This awareness, alignment, breathe, bodification, connect and contemplation, offers you the power to create self-regulation in any situation.

Remember and activate your passions held within your being.

Rejoice as you return to your true self, revere your greatest assets, repurpose outdated behaviors, restore yourself and experience a personal renaissance.

"This was a lovely workshop, with an opportunity to deeply reflect on my investments, interests, and what really drives me in my work. It allowed me to take stock of who I am amidst the busy."

~ Burnout kNOw more attendee ~ Jade Le Grice

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Digital Nomad
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Your guide towards restoration:


Dr. Valerie Simonsen

Naturopathic Physician

kNOw More Events
Coming Soon

YOU KNOW It’s Time for MORE Support.

In-person retreats in Hawaii

Need more restoration? The in-person retreats we are offering in 2023 in Hawaii,  supporting you to unplug from others and rediscover and nourish your own nature. You will enjoy:


~ Communion with the beauty of nature, where inspiration allows us to rediscover the grace, harmony, and passion that act as our internal compass.

~ Healthy environments, personal support, exploration, play, and rest.

~ Leaning into your personal autonomy, the space where you remember spontaneity, choice, independence, and freedom.

~ Connecting with your innate understanding of your needs through replenishing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. 


Return home with a renewed sense of discovery, hope, and purpose!

Be notified about In-Person Retreat dates:

We'll keep you in the know!

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In-Person Retreats
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