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The Grief and Happiness Alliance

The Grief and Happiness Alliance is a nonprofit organization formed by a group of compassionate supporters who see the value and necessity of loving and providing resources for those dealing with grief and loss. We are open to new members who share our vision.

- Emily Thiroux Threatt

Join us at our meetings each week. What you'll get:
  • An opportunity to write together to help deal with your grief

  • A chance to talk with your peers

  • A new happiness practice each week

Join the Alliance to make new friends and find comfort and support.


Our purpose is to provide comfort and emotional support to those dealing with grief and loss. Members will discover a supportive community and learn skills to work toward happiness.


Our vision is to create and sustain a supportive presence which provides a variety of services addressing the needs of those dealing with grief and loss.


Our mission is to serve people dealing with grief and loss by providing online gatherings, building community, and offering workshops and retreats that teach skills for reclaiming happiness.

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