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Keu ka maika’i o ka na’auao.

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Maui Restorative Care

Helping the Helpers, Kaona Healing Hui retreats, events and online events are continuing to be stellar SUCCESSes! Your generous donations made it possible to serve valuable first responders, healthcare providers, educators and community leaders. Mahalo


Keu ka maika’i o ka na’auao
Keu ka (so much) Maika’i (good) o ka (of the) Na’auao (wisdom, knowledge, learned)  “Great understanding of the wisdom”


You Know More offers restorative support specifically designed for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.


Through providing retreats, events and classes, and self-help education with hundreds of essential workers, we impact hundreds of thousands of people each year. 

Music by Doug Stonebraker

Our Essential Workers

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First Responders

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Healthcare Providers

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Community Leaders


Events & Programs

In-person and online


Restorative Retreats

3-7 days retreats into nature

Self-Help Education

Free guidance to relieve stress and prevent burnout

Restore kNOW more

Online Events

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9 months after the Maui fire disasters,  Dr. Valerie, volunteer president for You Know More and the Kaona Healing Hui, are serving first responders, healthcare providers, educators, and community leaders with in person retreats, events and online care.

April 28, 22 mental health providers were offered an organic raw meal, expressive art and movement therapy, sound bowl healing, flower essences, essential oils, and trauma informed care to reset your nervous system and nourish their beings.  

Helping the Helpers, Kaona Healing Hui and valuable volunteers, such as Lisa Cary, Carrie DeMers, Maria Knauer and a faithful collaboration with Mindful Living Group (Jessica Brazil) , scores of individuals received  trauma informed care as they were served expressive art & movement therapy, body awareness, organic nutrition, bodywork and a safe space to heal.  Partnering with other non-profits has led to evening whale cruise to frontline workers where 38 people unplugged from their activities of daily living and plugged into the beautiful sunset and ocean experience.

An evening with trauma informed care occurred on 12/2 where individuals experienced Energy Enhancement System to promote wellness, healing, relaxation, purification and rejuvenation.  Our retreat on March 20 in Kula was a magnificent success.  

The number of those served in the initial response has been lost in the ashes of selfless service to the survivors of the Maui crisis.  Reflections of the thousands of people, animals and the land, brush the landscape of resiliency of those who serve as well as those who need. 

Dr Valerie continues to educate and empower people in various media forms, such as day 2 at the TV station AKAKU, offering 10 tips for self-care free.  Overall predicted outcomes are: Enhanced Emotional Resilience, Physical Well-being, Positive Behavioral Changes, Promotion of Growth Mindset, Access to Trauma-Informed Care, Nervous System Regulation, Long-Term Support, and Facilitation of Post-Traumatic Growth.  

The people of Maui are resilient and we appreciate your support.​ We are graciously accepting donations to help with the relief efforts with online, in person events and retreats.  In-kind donations should be directed to Dr. Valerie (808-646-1951). Monetary donations can be made through the secure portal below. Thank you for your support!

Eco-Friendly Ethical Empowerment

Free Self-help Education

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